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Hydraulic injection molding machines service and renovation
We install new Keba control instead of original obsolete or defect control systems.
Thanks to our independence and flexibility, we offer a wide range of services - from repairs, replacements of control systems to complete reconstructions of used old and new injection molding machines.
We have already renovated and retrofitted hundreds machines of several brands and types:
• Engel – details on www.engelservis.cz
• LSMtron
• Ferromatik Klöcker and Milacron
• KraussMaffei
• Battenfeld
• Fahrbucher
• Windsor
• Husky
• Billion
An essential part is also service, update, complete renovation or replacement of controls on injection machines from China and Taiwan:
• Haitian
• Nanrong
• Sound
• Threeplast / Surui machinery
• Bole
• Tederic
• LienYu
• Haida
• Enaiviv
Some of our realized projects:
ENGEL ES700/175 - renovation including Keba control installation and Parker energy saving inverter
LSMtron LS1800S Two platen IMM - Keba retrofit
ENGEL ES1300/225 - complete renovation / retrofit and modernisation
ENGEL 500 - complete reconstruction and transformation to 2 colors machine prototype including second injection unit and rotary table
Fahrbucher TS160P - complete reconstruction
Windsor W2300-190 - Keba retrofit
ENGEL ES330 2Colors - new Keba control system installation
Husky X Line - Retrofitted with Keba controler CP251Y + extensional modules
ENGEL ES14000/1400 - renovation including Bosch servo pumps installation and new controller
Sound machines update - update of existing Keba application with new version
KraussMaffei - complete reconstruction
BMB 2500 - complete reconstruction
Nanrong 2200 - simple controller exchange without any other switch case adjustements
Billion H300t - complete reconstruction with Keba controler CP051Y + hotrunner modules (24 heating zones) + Servopump installation
Sound SE3600 - new machines fitted with Keba controler CP252Y + extensional modules
Enaiviv EN2200 - retrofit IMM with Keba controler CP051Y + hotrunner extensional modules
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