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We simply renovate and repair injection molding machines and compression machines
Thanks to our independence and flexibility, we offer a wide range of services - from repairs, replacements of control systems to complete reconstructions of used old and new injection molding machines.
So if you don't have the patience with authorized service and their passive approach. You are tired of always arguing with someone, listening to endless stories and excuses. If you don't need to spend more money on new presses for projects that can be easily handled by your current machines. And above all, you want to put your injection machines into operation at an affordable price.
Don't hesitate to contact us.
We exchange and install new control systems
We replace defective, obsolete and non-compliant control systems of all brands on all types of injection molding machines.
We use Austrian systems Keba (www.keba.com). In cooperation with Keba AG and our customers, we have developed control system with application and user interface designed for all types of injection molding machines. Our control has already been used on hundreds machines of several brands and types and is thoroughly tested in the automotive industry.
Togehter with customers we always try to find the most cost effective solution before the exchange. This is possible mainly due to the independence of the machines manufacturer, which gives us sufficient flexibility and place for adjustemens.
We certainly pay attention to maintaining CE certificates.
Moreover we program, update and extend applications on all injection machines with original Keba controller
We adjust application depends on the customer requirements or we implement completely new application which answer all customer expectations.
The machine can be also bought directly with the intention of new application implementation. This can compensate the main disadvantage of the low-cost machines. Such adjusted machines can be used also for the complex production in automotive after.
Other services:
• Repairs of injection molding machines
• Installation of control systems Keba
• Repairs of Keba components
• Repairs and renovations of cabinets and electrical wiring
• Repairs of hydraulic systems
• Repairs of hydraulic pumps
• Design and servo pumps installation
• Installation of brand new distributions, replacement of damaged hoses
• Complete resealing
• Diagnostics of hydraulic systems
• Preventive maintenance
OPC Client for process data measurement and machine events monitoring
We implemented OPC client for machine events logging and unlimited process data collection into csv files. Logging and process data measurement are executed in real time through standard industrial OPC connection.
OPC client logs following machine events:
• alarms
• parameter changes
• infologs
• user login
• machine (production) status
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