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We update and extend applications on all new machines with Keba controller imported from China
We adjust application depends on the customer requirements or we implement completely new application which answer all customer expectations.
The machine can be also bought directly with the intention of new application implementation. This can compensate the main disadvantage of the low-cost machines.
Such adjusted machines can be used also for the complex production in automotive after.
Usual adjustments:
 Connection to network, data collections and data analysis (offline and online MES systems) 
 Valve gates
 Integrated hotrunners
 Special interfaces for the cores, robots, hoppers, driers, transmission belt, ...
 Machine optimisation, calibration, new settings and commisioning
 Servovalves implementation
 Free programmable machine sequencer (especially for 2 colours machines, rubber machines, special tools - core sequence) 
 Special equipments - infrasensors, cavity pressure sensors, dosers - Masterbatch feeding, ...


Following machines have been already done:
• Haitian Mars, JupiterII (2 platten)
• Tederic 2 Colors
• Haida
• LienYu (Taiwan)
• Sound 
• Bole
• PowerJet
• Hanvos 
Rubber machines:
• Doush
• JingDay
• PanStone 
Why us
Gained huge amount of experiences
Compact solutions