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We modernize, renovate and install new Keba controllers on all types of used rubber injection molding machines. With focus on following machines:
• Desma – details on www.desmaservice.com 
• Maplan – details on www.maplanservice.com
• REP – details on www.repinjectionservice.com
In addition to them, we have already renovated and installed the controllers on the following rubber injection machines:
• Panstone
• Doush
• JingDay
• Dekuma
• Ferromatik
• Werner&Pfleiderer
Some of our realized projects:
PAN STONE Inj-500/4000 - controller exchange by new Keba control system
REP rubber machine - transformation to silicone production
DESMA 968.400 DRC2000 - control system exchange
Doush rubber injection machines - application, commissioning and optimisation
REP DP330T - complete renovation included new Keba controller
Dekuma - Dekuma rubber injection machine prototype
10 Doush rubber machines update - Keba retrofit
DESMA - Keba control installation
Maplan GSP 400 - control system exchange
JingDay - Controller exchange without any other switch case adjustements
Rubber machines retrofit - REP rubber machines
5x Ferromatik Klöckner Desma - renovation and control exchange
DESMA - Keba system installation instead of Bachmann/Siemens
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