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The rubber and compression machine segment is always very special. 
Each production needs specific implementations and functions depends on the machine and tool construction, used operation routines and quality management.
During many successful projects we developed application, which fulfills all requirements and functions, that we registered up to the present day.
We build the customer specific rubber application on this base.


Realized projects:
10 Doush rubber machines update - Keba retrofit (location China)
2x Doush Honour 600 (location Poland)
Rubber parts production - Ferromatik Klöckner (location Germany)
Rubber machines retrofit - Desma (location Poland and Germany)
Doush Honour 600 (location Mexico)
Maplan GSP 400 - Keba retrofit (location United Kingdom)
JingDay - Keba retrofit with Servopumps (location Morocco)
• REP rubber machines retrofit (location Morocco)
Klöckner-Ferromatik DESMA F160 - Keba retrofit (locatin Germany)
• Doush 100 - Keba retrofit (location Germany)
• Compression machine - BERGES BDPHS-300 (location Germany)
• Fahrbucher FBP-H1000 - Keba retrofit (location Germany)
• Dieffenbacher DMT-800 - Keba retrofit (location Germany)
• BERGES BDPH-300 compression machines - Keba retrofit (location Germany)
Realized machines:
 Desma D968.560 (6300kN)
 Doush Honour 600 (6000kN)
 Doush 100 (1000kN)
 JingDay (5000kN)
 REP (Different sizes)
 Klöckner-Ferromatik DESMA F160
 Maplan GSP 400 (4000kN)
 Fahrbucher FBP-H1000 (Compression/Presse)
 Dieffenbacher DMT-800 (Compression/Presse)
 BERGES BDPH-300 (Compression/Presse)
Why us
Gained huge amount of experiences
Compact solutions