PAN STONE Inj-500/4000 - controller exchange by new Keba control system

Pan Stone Inj-500/4000 controller exchange

Exchange of obsolete original Fuji controler by Keba system

Retrofit of 2 vertical rubber injection molding machines

Year of construction 2019

Model: PAN STONE Inj-500/4000-A-FIFO

Clamping force: 5000kN


Location: Morocco


Success story:

Customer (automotive supplier) bought 2 new Pan Stone machines equipped with very obsolete controller from Fuji.

Although the machines itself are very good and heavy, the orig. controller limits the usage of the machines and causes very unstable production. 

The application was very incomprehensible and made customer's life very complicated.

After discussion we considered to replace orig. controller by Keba system with application, which was adjusted for his production.

Exchange and commissioning of both machines were successfuly finished in one week !!! and after short production break, the machines produce stable 24h per day. All production guys are very, very happy.

And this is the main reason why I am doing this job - make the machines better!

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