Another 2 REP machines finished!!!

2x REP DP330T - Keba retrofit


Rubber injection molding machine complete reconstruction

Solution when your project can not cover new machine (or maybe even when can cover)!

Year of construction 1996

Typ: REP DP330T

Clamping force: 3300kN

Location: Morocco


- complete reconstruction - Retrofit with Keba controler CP051Y 

- Servo pump installation (125 l/min): Phase Drive, Phase motor, Casappa pump



Doush rubber injection machines - application, commissioning and optimisation

Doush rubber injection machines

Rubber injection molding machine

Year of construction 2018

Typ: Doush 600, Doush 275

Clamping force: 6000kN/2750kN

Location: Serbia


- Programming of the new customer application optimised for special production features

- Equipped with Keba controller

- Commissioning and optimisation

- Implementation of special customer requirements

Dekuma rubber injection machine prototype

Dekuma rubber injection machine prototype (service and production optimisation)

Rubber injection machine

Clamping force: 6500kN

Location: Slovakia


- Service hydraulics
- Machine production optimisation
- New external heating devices delivery and installation

Fahrbucher TS160P - complete reconstruction (Maschinenumbau)

Fahrbucher TS160P - complete reconstruction (Maschinenumbau)

Injection molding machine reconstruction (IMM Retrofit)

Duroplast parts production

Year of production: 1997

Typ: TS160P

Clamping force: 1600kN

Location: Germany


IMM reconstruction - Retrofit with Keba controler CP051Y + extensional modules + Hotrunner 24 zones module

- Servo pump installation (150l/min): Phase Drive, Phase motor, Voith pumps

- Special application depends on the production requirements (coining/venting, sequencer, stuffer, special user masks, ...)

Windsor W2300-190 - Keba retrofit

Windsor W2300-190 - Keba retrofit (rekonstrukce vstřikolisu)

Injection molding machine - automotive

Year of construction 1993

Clamping force: 23000kN (2300t)

Location: Spain


Windsor retrofit - Retrofitted with Keba controller + extensional modules.

Implementation of the new special customer application

Commissioning after the assembling on the customer side

Special requirements - complex automotive production


10 Doush rubber machines update - Keba retrofit

Rubber molding machines retrofit (rekonstrukce vulkanizačních lisu)

Year of construction: 2013 - 2017

Typ: Doush 100, 275, 600

Clamping force: 10 machine from 100t up to 600t

Location: China


Rubber machine retrofit with Keba controller - Keba application adjustement

Implementation of special customer application covered all production requirements with machine sequencer

Complex rubber parts production for automotive

Commissioning after the assembling on the customer side

Data collection and connectivity with MES system


Map of projects 2016/2017

Realised projects location 2016/2017


- Australia

- Canada, Mexico, USA

- China

- Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain

- Morocco

- United Kingdom



Compression machine - BERGES BDPHS-300

BERGES BDPHS-300 - Keba retrofit

Compression molding machine reconstruction (Presse-Maschinenumbau, rekonsrukce kompresního lisu)

Year of construction: 1983

Clamping force: 3000kN

Location: Germany


Compression molding machine reconstruction (Presse Maschine)

Retrofitting with Keba controler CP051Y + extensional modules + Parker frequency inverter


Equipped with 24 heating zones

Machine sequencer

Coining/venting functionality

Pump energy saving functionality

Other special production requirements

Haitian retrofit - Mars MA3200

HAITIAN renovation and function extension

Machine: Haitian Mars 3200

Location: Poland


- plugin based on original software

- Barrel (Nozzle) heating current monitoring (Cyclic sequential current measurement on all SSR)

- Scrap evaluation - quality management

- Process data collection via OPC

- Value changed listener and logging who, when, how (old/new values) the parameters were changed



Doush Honour 600

2x Doush Honour 600

New rubber machines

Year of production: 2017

Clamping force: 6000kN

Country: Poland


Implementation of the new special customer application

Commissioning after the assembling on the customer side

Special requirements - complex rubber production for automotive 

Adjustements and connection for MES system

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