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What we solve (right time for IMM retrofit?)
• Control system lifetime at the end – no spare parts available
• Expensive machine maintenance – expensive spare parts
• Reliability and performance – production often interrupted
• New customer requirements – machine expansion
• Integration of European controlling on Chinese machines
• PDP/SPC measurements – quality control
• Network connection – MES systems interface
• SpeedPumps - Energy saving servo pumps


We concentrate on rubber, injection and compression moulding machines renovation (IMM rebuilt)
• Because of our independency and flexibility we offer broad spectrum of services for IMMs without any limitations
• We modernize used and also new rubber and injection molding machines
 We replace the original control systems by Keba systems
• We programm the new customer specified applications
• We can adjust the existing applications on Keba systems in case of new and used machines (especially from Asia)
• Data measurements and data collections through the network (especially for automotive)
• Budget priced energy savings solution (Servo pumps)
Ivo Chadim
• Application engineer, company promoter and executioner
• Longer than 10 years in field of injection molding machines, Longer than 10 years experiences with IMMs all over the world
 Specialization on Injection molding machines, rubber machines and compression machines (Plastic, Rubber, Duroplast, 2 platten machines, toggle lever machines, 2/3/4/5 colors, Tandem molding, ...)
• Projects in Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Great Britain, Mexico, Australia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Morocco, ...
Why us
Gained huge amount of experiences
Compact solutions